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Wardrobe Tips!

Updated: May 29, 2020

Coordinating outfits for family photos is not easy! Especially when you have growing, messy kids that don't usually wear polished chinos or pretty dresses. Here are some tips and some things to avoid!

Useful Guidelines:

  • Mamas - choose your outfit first and coordinate everyone else around you! Especially if you are the one championing this photo effort!

  • If you're deciding between outfits, wear what you feel best in! I find that my confidence and overall attitude is better if I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing. Don't choose an outfit you'd never wear normally, unless of course you're taking formal or special occasion photos.

  • Color is wonderful! Keeping everyone within three accent colors is a good guideline. Dressing everyone in navy or white can appear boring, however, too many colors can be distracting.

  • When choosing colors, its best as a group to either go bold or stay neutral. One person in a bold color will stand out.

  • Not too much dark! Dark colors draw your eye and can be distracting. If there's too much, it can be hard to see details and clothes can start to look like a dark blob. Black can be stunning if used just right, like in a solo portrait, but that's a special situation. In a group shot, its usually best to limit it or keep it to an accent.

  • Avoid distracting patterns, logos, or graphics. They will distract away from your smiling faces! Plaid and polka dots are usually fine, but ask if you're unsure!

  • Excessive wrinkles will show! I can edit out some, but if your shirt or pants are terribly wrinkly, there's only so much I can do.

  • Texture and layers can add depth and dimension to your images. Things like scarves, sweaters, ruffles, or lace details can add interest.

  • Clothes that move or flow such as dresses or skirts, are beautiful choices for women and girls. This is a fun way to add dynamic to your still photographs.

  • If someone in your photo wears transition lenses, it will look like they have sunglasses on in the photos. Best to wear a back up pair or take them off for the session.

  • Sometimes having everyone go barefoot for the pictures is the easiest choice! Then you don't have to worry about coordinating shoes!

  • Having trouble choosing between two outfits for your little ones? Bring your second choice as a back up because you never know!

Of course these are just general tips and there are exceptions to every rule! When you book with me, I'll be here to help throughout the entire process! I love being involved with outfit selection, whether it's suggesting retailers or just easing concerns about what will work best. This is part of what you're paying for when you hire a professional photographer, so use me as a resource!

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