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Professional Quality vs Drugstore Prints - Why does it matter?

Getting family portraits done is not easy! Rationalizing the money, getting your entire family on board,

picking the photographer, shopping for outfits, managing emotions the day of, and all that on top of worrying about what you yourself looks like! Believe me... I get it.

This stuff is important though, and you know it.

You know that you will look at these photos daily and they will create a soul in your home. We move frequently and with each house, it never feels like home until I get photos hung. This is literally a record of your family's memories, so you want to make sure you do this right.

So you take the leap and hire a professional photographer and the day comes when you get your gallery and you're obsessed. All that hard work has paid off and you love your photos. Its oh-so-tempting to just take all those digital files and send them off to a major online printer or 1-hour shop that promises you convenience at rock bottom prices. You've already spent all this money, you can't wait to get your prints in your hands and this path is familiar, its easy...maybe too easy.

When you choose one of these shops, its like taking your hands off the wheel at the end of this journey you've embarked on. No one is looking out for you. No one is personally overseeing your prints. No one is checking for color quality, paper quality, and where the crops fall. This is how they offer such low prices! If you love your photos and you want them to convey that same depth, emotion, and quality that you saw when you looked at your gallery, don't choose this route.

Sending your prints to a 1 hour shop is like getting your hair cut at one of the big box stores. Sure they can do it conveniently while you shop for groceries and get your oil changed, but is that really the quality you're looking for? No.

A professional print studio is obsessed with quality. This is ALL THEY DO and they do it with passion. When you order prints through my studio, you are ordering through a lab that I have personally vetted for quality and color. You're not getting the cheapest photo paper on the market - you're getting the photo paper I chose with you in mind. I chose the exact paper, color calibration, and guess who approves the photo crops - YOU DO! This is the quality you pay for when you hire a professional photographer.

You are a savvy enough person to realize the value of having family portraits done. This process starts with a good quality photographer, but ends with good quality prints.


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