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Are family photos safe during the pandemic?

Updated: May 29, 2020

This is something I've thought about a lot lately. I have cautiously tested the waters with a few families and I'm happy to say that if we work together than the answer is - YES!  For all my sessions I am maintaining a 6' distance as a precaution for your family and my own!  All sessions are done outdoors in areas with little to no foot traffic or crowds.  The best part is that you'd never know that we were doing anything different from the final photos!  The lenses I use and the quality of the images I create make it easy to edit the same as ever. 

One recommendation I have is talking to your kids beforehand about maintaining distance because its EXTRA hard for little ones that have been cooped up!  They are so pumped to see someone new that they just can't control themselves.  I totally get this because I have small children too!  It’s easy to talk to them ahead of time, and this little bit of preparation results in a safer experience for all of us!

Working together to keep everyone safe, we can still capture this moment in time with your family! Book now before the sweltering heat kicks in!


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